About Kate


Welcome to Shay’s Rainbow Connection! My name is Katrina Duncan however, please call me Kate 😀. I’m an insured Horseback Riding & In Hand Instructor through CapriCMW Insurance Services Ltd. here in Canada.


Shay's Rainbow Connection was named after my late gelding Shay. We were together for 25 glorious years. During that time he was my teacher, partner, best friend and heart horse💕. Shay continues to connect me with people and horses of all walks of life even in spirit. It's in his memory that I would like to connect with you and your beloved equine friends. 🐎💖

I have 29 years of riding experience and have owned horses for 28 years. I’m willing to work with horses of all disciplines and breeds as well as riders of all ages and disciplines.

If you’re interested in Dressage as well as learning In Hand work with your horse(s), I may be the instructor you’re looking for. However, I’m very willing to work with Western riders as well.


I'm passionate about equine and rider biomechanics as well as the use of intuition, science and compassion when working with horse and rider. The kind of students I wish to work with are those who are searching for a more intimate and long term committed relationship with their equine partner(s). I’m even willing to work with horses that are having lameness issues as I may possibly be able to assist in helping you to restore soundness in your equine friend.

Since I mostly work with students who have their own horse(s), I will need to be welcome to teach them at their own property or facility that they keep their horse(s) at, unless we choose to do video analysis lessons. 🐴